The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups and Cleanings

by Lakeridge Dental

dental check-up dental cleaning

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are vital components of maintaining optimal oral health. They not only keep your teeth and gums in top shape but also contribute significantly to your overall health. At Lakeridge Dental, we emphasize the importance of these visits as a preventive measure to avoid complex dental issues in the future. Here’s why making these appointments a priority can be a game-changer for your dental and general wellbeing.

1. Prevention of Dental Diseases – Dental check-up

One of the most significant benefits of regular dental check-ups is the prevention of diseases. During these visits, dentists are not only looking for signs of decay but also screening for early signs of serious conditions such as oral cancer, which is highly treatable when caught early. Gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss in adults, can also be detected early and managed effectively with routine care.

2. Tartar Removal and Plaque Cleanup

Even with diligent brushing and flossing, some areas in the mouth can be missed. Over time, plaque builds up and becomes difficult to remove, solidifying and turning into tartar, which is extremely tough to get rid of without professional help. Regular cleanings prevent tartar from eroding teeth or creating holes in them—conditions that lead to cavities. During your cleaning, the dental hygienist will also polish your teeth, leaving you with a fresher, brighter smile.

3. Identifying Problems Under the Surface with X-rays

A crucial part of visiting your dentist every six months is getting your dental X-rays taken. These X-rays allow dental professionals to see what is happening beneath the surfaces of your mouth and can identify and diagnose issues that might be invisible to the naked eye, such as impacted teeth, bone decay, cysts, tumors, and more. Early detection of these issues can save you from pain and complex surgery later on.

4. Keeping Bad Habits in Check

There are many habits that can negatively impact your oral health, some of which you may not even realize are causing issues. Some of these habits include chewing ice, biting your nails, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, eating particularly sticky or hard sweets, brushing too hard, drinking coffee and red wine, and smoking. During your visit, the dentist can check for any oral damage caused by these or other habits which you may otherwise not have noticed. Being informed about specific destructive habits allows you to change or alter your lifestyle choices to prevent further damage.

5. Advice Tailored to Your Needs

Regular visits allow your dentist to get to know your oral health intimately, enabling them to provide personalized advice tailored to your particular conditions. Whether it’s suggesting a particular type of toothbrush, demonstrating brushing techniques, or recommending more effective flossing methods, this advice is based on a professional understanding of your mouth’s condition.

6. Saving Money in the Long Run

Investing in dental check-ups and cleanings is financially wise. By maintaining regular visits, you can avoid complex and expensive dental procedures that might become necessary if dental conditions are left unchecked. Preventive care secures your oral health and your wallet.


At Lakeridge Dental, we understand that your oral health is integral to your overall health and quality of life. That’s why we’re committed to providing thorough dental check-ups and cleanings that not only keep your smile bright but also contribute to your long-term health.

Regular dental appointments might seem like just another task on your to-do list, but their impact on your health is profound and enduring. Skipping dental appointments might not seem like a big deal, but oral issues can develop and progress quickly whether you notice them or not. Regular check-ups are your first line of defense against dental problems and the best way to keep your smile looking its best.

Ready to prioritize your dental health? Contact Lakeridge Dental today to schedule your next dental check-up and cleaning. Our friendly team is dedicated to providing you with the best care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Let us help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come!

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