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Replace Your Missing Teeth with our High-Quality Dental Bridge Service Experience Seamless Tooth Replacement and Enhanced Oral Functionality

One treatment option to replace missing teeth is a dental bridge that literally “bridges” a gap with a natural-looking prosthetic tooth. If you are missing teeth; have noticed your teeth drifting into the space; have trouble speaking or chewing; or are noticing strain when biting; bridges may be the ideal procedure to help make your mouth healthy and beautiful again. Bridges are one non-removable solution to missing teeth. Other options can be removable prostheses or dental implants.
Dental bridges are made up of two crowns on teeth on either side of the space. These teeth act as anchors for a prosthetic tooth in between. Dental bridges can be supported by teeth or implants. Please come for a complete examination at Lakeridge Dental to see if you are a candidate for any dental bridges.

Dental Bridge Benefits:

Dental Bridge Types & Bridge Materials

With an improvement in the materials used to cement and fabricate ceramic bridges, you will have minimal tooth reduction, preserving the health of your teeth. This is because the materials used for dental bridges today are less bulky and require less cement. The advantage is that it is much less common for irreversible damage to be done to the teeth.

A very conservative type of bridge is the Maryland bridge which involves very minimal adjustment to your natural teeth surrounding the empty space and stays on with adhesive resin cement. This very conservative bridge is esthetic and most likely done at the front of the mouth. They are only suitable if your natural teeth do not have any major restorations or crowns or if you do not have a heavy bite on those teeth. 

How a Dental Bridge is Done:

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